tool time, battery cable crimper

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tool time, battery cable crimper

Post by TireSmoker »

Tool shopping on Amazon is kinda fun.. I've bought several items over the past 6-8 months

When I did the trunk mount battery in the Maliboost, I knew I would need to cut the cables to my length and put the ends on.

I found this battery cable crimper/cutter on Amazon for $45. ... tails&th=1

The Summit kit came with 1/0 cables, so I had to buy a pack of 1/0 ends for another $14, ... tails&th=1 I also bought a couple a Turney's

I'm pretty happy with the results that this thing generates. It takes quite a bit of force to make the crimp -- I usually end up lodging one handle against my workbench or something solid and using both hands on the other handle. It's a hex-crimp and it feels pretty solid. After putting on a small piece of heat-shrink, the results look top notch.
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