Thrustmaster T150 pedal set repair

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Thrustmaster T150 pedal set repair

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This post covers how to fix a broken gas pedal return spring.

It doesn't look broken, but it is so weak it the throttle is sticking open
1) Disassembly:
- get the pedal set to a place where you can disassemble it. If possible remain connected to the steering wheel as it may help with calibration later
- make note of pedal positions on the pedal arms, remove two screws for each pedal. They are different lengths so keep them in the pedal for ease of reinstall
- flip the unit over
- It is important to keep the pedals in the same orientation to the rheostat control inside the unit, so on the next step be sure to hold the cover and the base together by hand and do not let them slip against each other
- remove all the small phillips screws (there are 13 I believe)
- flip the unit right side up
- push both the throttle and brake pedals in about 1/3 and maintain that pressure while removing the cover. This is a bit tricky as you will have to reach underneath to maintain pressure while you finishing sliding the cover up over the pedal arms.
- make note of the orientation of the gears on the rheostat compared to pedal arm. Best way I can think of is to count the number of gears off the rheostat are exposed when pedal pushed all the way down. This will allow you to realign the pedal arm gear to the rheostat gear for both pedals
- grease involved on next step so get some paper towel handy
- partially remove the pin for the gas pedal arm - push it from the inside out it should slide out - far enough to get the spring out

Upon removal the last thread failed and this spring broke in half.
Here are the replacement springs I bought
2) Get a replacement spring. There is more than one way to do this
- Option 1: If your unit is < 1 year old Thrustmaster will send you a replacement. Mine failed after 8 months. I cannot attest to quality of replacement but I wanted something from a better quality wire.
- Option 2: Get a replacement torsion spring and configure it to work with this unit. The original has .090" diameter wire, the loop is .505" outside diameter and something close to .305" inside diameter, and the arms are 1" long and in 45 degree configuration.
- I located a torsion spring on - well I had to buy a pack of 6 and pay $10 shipping so cost was just over $20. I chose one with .06x diameter, figuring I wanted a little less torsion on the plastic parts. This worked, but the tension was quite low, so I ended up using two of them.
- the torsion springs I selected had 90 degree configuration so I chose to bend them to something close to 45 degrees. There are YouTube videos on making a torsion spring (like this one: ), the same method applies. This is best done with the help of a bench vise.
- The torsion arm did need to be shortened on the pedal arm side
- after that I chose to bend the arm that would contact the pedal arm.
3) Assembly part 1
- install the new torsion spring and push the pin back in for the gas pedal
- install the top cover and hold them together by hand

here is what the dual spring setup looks like installed:
for reference the gear alignment of the pedals: gas
4) Bench test
- load up your sim software and see if the game registers pedal movement correctly. If you don't have the gears lined up correctly now is the time to know! You can use a test drive or configure controls.

5) Assembly part 2
- carefully turn over the base and cover - keeping them aligned by hand - and install the screws in the bottom. Right or wrong I skipped the screw under the wire it seemed like overkill
- install the pedals back on the pedal arms in same configuration

That's it! You might want to bench test again after you install the bottom screws just to be sure nothing slipped when you took it apart.
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