She only drove it to church on Sunday ...

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She only drove it to church on Sunday ...

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From the Maverick Forum. Sometimes a little old ladies car isn't what you want. :lol:

1972 Maverick in Northeast Pa


Went up to see this car with a friend last weekend. It might be a good platform for a restomod if anyone is interested.
Here's the good points:
The car's been in storage for the last 9 years.
The mileage is original (60000)
Rust free frame, front and rear
Rust free hood and trunk lid
Rust free cowls
Crack free dash
Crack free steering wheel
Off white interior in decent shape
Car runs ( 200 6 cylinder ) needs carb. rebuilt
Grill appears to be unbroken.
Bumpers in decent shape.
No noticable trunk leaks or water leaks inside the interior.
The not so good:
The body of the car is in terrible shape. The only undented parts are the hood, trunk lid and roof. The old lady who owned it must have been half blind. She hit everything in sight. Both fenders, both doors and both quarters are waffled. The one quarter panel is flattened out in the back above the wheel well. Someone did some horrible bodywork on it just to get it through inspection. Both lower quarters are patched up with aluminum siding and pop rivets. One fender has bondo smeared on it to cover up a hole. Inside the lower quarters are rotted out. Can't remember if the torque boxes were rotted out or not. The guy selling it said the floors were solid, but my buddy crawled under the car and said the old lady must have driven over a fence post or something else sharp because there was a rip in the driver's side floor.
My buddy wanted to find a Maverick to drive just as a daily driver, but one look at this car's body scared him off. There's nothing on this car that's too scarey for us, but we just can't afford another Maverick right now. People have already tried to buy the hood and trunk off the car, but the guy will not part it out. He wants $800 or best offer. (In my opinon it's a $300 car )
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