Stainless Steel Zip Ties

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Stainless Steel Zip Ties

Postby Maverick » Wed Apr 28, 2021 6:57 pm

A poster on the Lincoln forum was looking for a replacement for brake line clips on the rear axle. I liked this idea in a response. Example was for heater hoses but it looks like a solution for either.

In a different forum a user made insulated stainless zip ties .... They said ....
"I decided on a stainless zip tie. But to keep the sharp edge of the stainless from cutting into the hoses over time I used industrial grade PVC heat shrink. That stuff is really tough."

There's a picture of the insulated zip tie on the Lincoln forum but it's a docx file and I can't attach it here.

If you want to see the picture, go to ... 68#p409168

and see the post at 5:45 today, 4/28/21.

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