Ford Final Drive Options

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Ford Final Drive Options

Postby Maverick » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:51 am

I know there's not a lot of Ford activity here but, just in case someone might contemplate some gear changes, here are some options I've looked at and results of some combinations. Current car is '78 Continental Coupe with C6 and 2.75 rear end.

A wide ratio C6 can be had by replacing the C6 gears with those from an E4OD, an overdrive transmission that was derived from the C6 and used behind the BBF among others. Unfortunately, the E4OD is too big to fit in the "Lincoln tunnel" but its gears fit in the C6. E4OD, being an OD trans used in trucks, has lower 1st and 2nd ratios than the C6. See the table below.

Don't think I have any transmission issues at this point so the only change on the plate right now is a rear gear change. But, you never know what the future might bring. Broader Performance offers a 700 HP Wide Ratio C6 for about what a stock rebuilt might cost. Very tempting!!

Changes considered were, rear end gears, wide ratio C6, and Gear Vendors Overdrive. Actually, the GV OD can use OD in all three C6 gears, providing 6 speeds, but didn't get into that. As great as the GV OD looks, I'm not going to spring for that.


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