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Re: TRP 2019

Postby TireSmoker » Mon Oct 28, 2019 8:40 pm

Chris took some good photos!

Unleashing the beast

Eyeing each other up

Supercar Showdown

the original where that launch pic came from

livin' the dream!


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Re: TRP 2019

Postby Fred32v » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:08 pm

Great pictures, wish I was there.

I will have my jimmy out at TRP in the early AM this Saturday
If conditions are good (low 40s and dry).

After some runs I'll head out to Nelson Ledges for Track Day,
if the TrackBird is there.
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Re: TRP 2019 11/01/19

Postby Fred32v » Sun Nov 03, 2019 12:11 am

Sorry, no pictures.

I did go to TRP today. the 442 showed up and was first in line,
My Jimmy was second, then we waited. It was about an hour
before they were ready to run. I only counted four other cars,
but there might have been more but not more than 10.
Sunny and mid 40's, but very cold cross wind.
TRP announced that this would be their last day for 2019. Sad.
My 1st run was against the 442, I had an.02 light, GMJohnny .5413,
Thought I was in good position and truck was running strong,
when he went flying by I know he had to be in the 13's.
That run I ran what was a best at that time 14.76 @ 92.93
and the 442 ran 13.97 @99.18, which was a .2837 win.
We were both faster later, I don't know what his best pass was,
but the GMC Canyon had its' best pass to date, 14.64 @ 94.21 mph.
That was 0.2 seconds and over 1.15 mph better than the previous best.

As always, TRP is great fun!

PS; Then I went to Nelson Ledges and caught a ride in the TrackBird.
Nelson is also serious fun!
GMC Canyon Crew Cab Short Box 4x4 V6!

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Re: TRP 2019

Postby GMJohnny » Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:32 am

I pulled up to TRP 25 minutes before racing was supposed to start and the place looked vacant.
I was hoping that they weren't closed, but pulled to the gate to find Sandy hiding in her ticket
booth trying to stay warm. I laughed and asked if they were open and she said I was the first
customer! Fred pulled in just as I was pulling into the lot so we got cars #1 & #2. I raced a kid
in a Firebird my last run & he had car #20, but the turn-out was weak. The poor track guys were
really struggling with the aftermath of heavy rains and snow that we had earlier in the week.
It was not good for the electronics and the announcer indicated that. Because of that, we got a slower
start than we wanted. The ice cold air that we had when we first got there was already warming when
we made our first pass. Surprisingly, the track itself was pretty ok considering there was no traffic
at all. Literally, you could just go and make a pass whenever you wanted.

I was able to put down a 13.95 in my last run against the Canyon. MPH wasn’t working in my lane,
but I’m pretty sure that it was in the 99’s as my other passes were.

Car #1 & Car #2

Car #1


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