TRP 5-17-2017

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TRP 5-17-2017

Postby TireSmoker » Wed May 17, 2017 11:22 pm

So I made my 2017 debut at Thompson tonight in absolutely awful air. I looked back at the post from when me, BP, and Tony ran in the fall, reported a density-altitude of -69 feet. Tonight's DA was 3457ft!! No wonder I lost 4 mph, only running 105mph all night and only 103 on my timerun at the end of the night. Yuck.

Tony was kind enough to let me try his Nitto 555R drag radials. 275-50-15. I know the track wasn't the greatest, but these things just didnt work well for me. My best 60ft was only 1.78. I'll probably give them another try, but I certainly couldn't just hammer off the line with them like I could my M/T ET Streets. The final kick in the balls was when I went to go home, I left the Nittos on and threw my street tires in the trunk. I didn't even get from the snack bar to the exit due to them rubbing on my fender lips, so I had to change tires before going back home. They were fine during racing because I didn't have all the weight in the trunk. Since I need to buy tires this year for racing, I think I'm gonna suck it up and get real slicks or ET Streets and keep changing tires at the track.

I lost in the first round, I dialed a 12.75, cut an .04 light, and ran a 12.85 @ 101, hitting the brakes, but he went 10.47 on a 10.39 with an .02 light. MOV was .0330. That's a pretty good race. I shouldn't have hit the brakes, though.

A 'lousy' night at the track is still better than a good day at work, and I drove the Corvette to work today, top down both ways, so it was a good cool-car day. :-)

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