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Shifting Gears TV show

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 12:44 pm
by MostMint
So Aaron Kaufmann (main mechanic at Gas Monkey / Fast 'N Loud) left his old job and created his own show.

In yesterday's episode he built a 1971 International Scout into an all out off road vehicle to compete in an off road event call King of the Hammers. This is a serious off road contest held in California. There are several classes and courses but terrain varies from flats to serious treacherous rock climbs. The event are over 100 miles and drivers are given a set amount of time to finish (10 hours or so depending on course length).

In typical fashion the entire project had to be done on a time crunch, he chose to put some diesel in front of a 6L80E and showed up to race with no practice time. In the end they failed since the engine was getting 1 mpg and they ran out of fuel. They had many problems not the least of which was getting the ECU and to talk to the engine and transmission.

I predict this show will not last.