idling in the garage

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idling in the garage

Postby TireSmoker » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:22 am

Let’s see.. the engine is out of the truck (the ’88 GMC parts truck), but I have a rounded-off flexplate-to-crank bolt. I can’t bolt the engine to my stand with the flexplate still on there, so it remains hanging from the cherry picker. The trans is still in the truck. The bellhousing seems to be resting on the front driveshaft. The crossmember and rear mount is all unbolted. Rear driveshaft is removed. The 4wd shift lever linkage is still connected, though. I think there’s probably less than 30 minutes to get it out.

I found a good deal on a set of Vortec heads already modified for .550 lift. They were purchased from Scoggin Dickey and (allegedly) only have about 3-4000 miles on them. Found them in the classifieds for $325 shipped. I figured that was half-price for near-new heads. The parts truck has the required center-bolt valve covers. I think I have a cheap, solid foundation for a nice Corvette motor.

Speaking of the Corvette, I just got the go-ahead from Dad to take it to get the trans rebuilt. I could take the car one of two places – GPV, where we had the work done this summer, or Rick’s Garage out in Claridon. When I talked to Rick about rebuilding the trans, he said he just pulls the engine out, as he felt it was an easier way to get the trans out of those cars. That sounded like overkill to me at the time, but if I got a Vortec headed 350 together in a timely fashion, maybe I could get Rick to just swap in the new motor at little cost? The whole motor thing is pure fantasy at this point, but I *do* have the parts on hand, minus a 4-bbl Vortec intake.

Finally, I started the Chevelle for a few minutes on Sunday, just because it’s all together. It sure sounded good. I got the wideband controller back from Innovate for free. Looks brand new. I have to re-install it into the Chevelle and it’ll be 100% -- I think.


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